What is the function of the Yandere Simulator?

The main function of Yandere Simulator video game is to provide yandere sim a video game to game lovers. It has a very interesting story behind it. The story is that a girl is chasing one of her class fellows. But, the twist starts when many other girls also try to attract him. Now, the girl is taking this task a very serious one.

She is trying to approach the boy by all means. Video game is also based on the character of this girl. She is the key character of this video game. The girl in this game is slightly heartless.

She never gets attach to anyone around herself.

There are many other functions of this game. She commit many crimes in order to make her path clear. All these tasks are done just because she wanted to get that boy from others.

Description of Bus simulator 2016

Bus simulator game has different types of buses and different city routes which can be unlocked by gaining more and more points. You have to drive properly in the rush hour and transport the passenger to their destination at the right time; this is what you have to do in Bus simulator 2015 and bus simulator 2016.

Moreover, you have to look after emergency bus simulator 2016 vehicles while driving and drive carefully near the construction sites otherwise, you could meet accidents. In the other side, you also need to handle the inside environment carefully like calming down the upset passengers and selling tickets or sliding the stairs to make way for the wheelchaired passengers and also repairing struck doors.
If you can perform all these tasks successfully you can create your reputation among the people and can earn trust among the passengers and in this way you could add enough points which help in unlocking the buses and routes.


Duck Life 5 – Treasure Hunt

Duck Life 5 is getting popular these days. This version play duck life 4 of Duck Life includes new features like arcade adventure gameplay style, impressive graphics, more options for customization and great storyline.

After winning the world championship, the volcano has become dormant. The duck will go back to the volcano and search the caves searching for buried treasures. At the start of the game, you can choose from different customization options that include changing your duckling hair, color, eyes, clothes and hats. As you start with your adventure, you will different shops that include clothing store and hairdresser. Explore the caves to get the gold that you need and spend them in the shops to buy new pets, equipment and customize your duck.

Visit the pet shop and buy new pets to help you survive your cave explorations. These pets can protect you from harm, and others may help attack enemies before they could harm the duckling.

What is different about trollface quest 3?

This game has the same concept running behind as its play troll face quest previous versions. The strategy will be point and click and nothing more as there are no other commands needed to play this game.

The images are of high quality and it’s more colorful as the graphics is improved than the last versions.

This game is tricky like the last versions with more difficult challenges to be faced. For example in level 10 your stick man is supposed to cross a river. Here, if your character steps on a wrong step he becomes the food of the alligators.

The main difference in this game and the last versions is its options and controls where may more settings are available. This time you are allowed to pause the game if you need a break for some time. You can turn off the music if you want and the best part is the graphics which can be used in poor to good quality versions.

How to play vex 4?

This version maintains the basic game structure but it gas great ideas which can be called quite innovative.

The features such as stage builder mode, achievements along with the regular gameplay you also have some more challenges pitted against you. One has vex 3 to look for stars that are really difficult to find. This will let the gamer earn a lot of points and the needed game money which has to be used in buying special products. These products include power-ups along with other products available in the game shop.
This game requires the stick man to reach the destination in the shortest time and that is possible with the help of power-ups. The stick-man can do so through all the 25 levels in this version with the help of these products at a record breaking time, which is the objective of this game. There is option to choose from a variety of characters in this level. Play this game either as a male or a female stick figure or even as an ugly bear.

Why GunBlood is so interesting?

This game abandons all types of enemies and is based on graphics that is visually attractive. It might seem uninteresting, but the experience is quite different.

In this game the player is set against his or her own reflexes. There is no other factor to deal play gunblood game with and this makes the game quite addictive. You will not want to leave this game until you have got a high score.

You start with an opponent who doesn’t seem much of a challenge at first, but with every round become more and more difficult to deal with. Every round puts across a more accomplished shooter and the fight deepens. It really becomes difficult to find out who is the fastest. More chances are that you will lose if you be a little careless. This game tests reflexes as well as your concentration. The graphic elements are very adult and are fit for the people who are bored of ordinary games which can’t excite them enough.

Overview of Learn to Fly

The basic controls used are the left and right key to tilt back and forward. The game takes an exciting turn when glider and rocket are introduced as a little adjustment in the tilt can improve the flight quality manifold. Whatever equipment learn to fly 2 you buy, your objective is to achieve a better flight from the last in terms of distance, speed, height and duration. The longer flight times multiply the money earned in the range of 1-3. Acceleration and lesser air resistance are key to achieving the objective.

You can be successful in playing the game if you are skillful and your success depends on how well you keep control on the keyboard buttons and make decision in buying the equipment and upgrades. After you learn how to fly successfully and make use of equipment there will not be much to do. But when you upgrade things will change. For example you no longer want to hit the water as it lifts you to higher levels, it will also suck a lot of energy. As you upgrade there will be continuous change in strategy.

Unfair Mario – A Highly Addictive Game

If you are thinking Unfair Mario is just like the rest of the Mario or Super Mario games, you need to think again. There is no way you can simply skip this game and move on to the next one if you start unfair mario playing it you will forget about the other Mario games.

This game can truly challenge your mental abilities as you will have to remember a lot of things in order to take Mario to the finish line. This is the only way you will be able to survive in this game. If you do not possess good recalling abilities and you do not pay any attention to the game while playing it, you will never be able to win it.

The Controls
There are basically three keys that you need to use to take Mario to the finish line, these are:
Left Arrow Key – to move backward
Right Arrow Key – to move to the right or move forward
Up Arrow Key – to jump

How to play Earn to Die 1

The player gets stuck in a desert which is full of zombies. In Earn to Die the truck or the vehicle you have been provided is the only defense. You can earn bonus by figuring out new ways of neutralizing the zombies and overcoming other difficulties that pose threat on you path. The cash you earn has to be invested in purchasing upgrades to help you defend better from the menace of zombies at www.a10.com/zombie-games.

Controls are not at all complicated in this level and players can become familiar with the controls easily. The car is controlled by the arrow keys. Use the left and right arrow keys to control the vehicle’s forward and backward lift. This control comes in handy when the vehicle gains enough speed to be in the air. When you have unlocked the booster you have to press J or X to make use of the boosters.